Sunday, April 15, 2012

Controversial Victory For Brandon Rios vs Richard Abril, Rematch

Undefeated lightweight champion Brandon Rios escaped from a controversial win against the Cuban boxer Richard Abril on their match at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. Judge Adalaide Byrd gave Abril a 117-111 and Judge Jerry Roth 116-112 to Rios but Judge Glenn Trowbridge gave the final decision with 115-113 favor to Rios.

Brandon Rios & Antonio Margarito at Event.     (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Brandon Rios escaped from a 12-round split decision victory but the fight was obviously goes to Richard Abril. Abril successfully controlled and handled the style of Rios since the opening of round which created a style-difficulty for him to attack or his offense. Richard did was like the defense style of Floyd Mayweather Jr. during the fight. Brandon Rios can't connect some of his power punches and can't hardly break it the style. Richard Abril did a good job, he's just smart and in good condition but you can't avoid sometimes to felt bad when he tried to handled the left hand of Brandon Rios. 

However, Richard Abril has been frustrating some fighters with his style. But, style makes fight. Isn't it? Richard Abril deserved a rematch against Brandon Rios. He clearly won it. 

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