Saturday, December 3, 2011

Margarito vs Cotto Rematch Live Weigh-in, Fight

Antonio Margarito, the challenger of this bout, looked confident in the official weigh-in at the Madison Square Garden, New York, USA, December 2, 2011. While Miguel Cotto, the current World Boxing Association (WBA) light middleweight champion was so serious and ready to defend his title for the 2nd time.

English: Miguel Cotto at the Yankee Stadium on...Image via Wikipedia
Miguel Cotto officially weighed in at 152.25 pounds while Antonio Maragarito weighed in at 152.5 pounds, a difference of .25 pounds in the catchweight of 153 pounds division. It was the weigh-in in both fighters Cotto and Margarito who they did not stared up each other. Margarito who is higher than Cotto by 4 inches could control the fight in an early rounds but due to Margarito's eyes, Cotto has higher inspiration and motivation to defend the title well by targeting the weaknesses of the opponent slowly but surely. Although, Margarito's uppercuts and body punches could be dangerous but surely Cotto has prepared for these.

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