Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 Predictions: Result Like Pacquiao vs Morales 3?

Remembering one of the best fight of Manny Pacquiao in boxing was the fight against Erik Morales. Pacquiao and Morales squared-off three times, first was in 2005 where Morales won via unanimous decision and the 2nd & 3rd fight was in the early and late of 2006 where Pacquiao won by tko at 10 and ko at 3 respectively. The third fight was a devastating victory for Manny because he was so very aggressive and powerful in that moment. He surprised Morales with his hard punches and speed. Morales was down three times in that fight and decided not to continue on the last knock down.

When things went wrong for Juan Manuel Marquez probably the fight tonight will not go to distance same as to Pacquiao. But thinking of the style of both fighters surely Pacquiao will come first because Marquez as always just wait and counter punch it. The best way to defeat a counter puncher is to counter punch him, that's the thing you have seen with Manny Pacquiao have now. He is now both good with his left and right hand, head and foot movements unlike before. Marquez do the same thing what Pacquiao have done in training and skills but the difference is his body for the new weight cause it might affect his performance up in the ring. It can reduce his speed even though he has a great body and condition. But who knows, you can't tell what's next in line.

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The result of Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 will be likely the Pacquiao vs Morales 3 ending. You can see Pacquiao smiles all the time but when the bell rang, he take it seriously just what he did with Morales in the third fight. Marquez has his own words that he beat Pacquiao twice while the eight division world champion keeps quiet but surely irritated inside. If the result of this bout will end like Pacquiao-Morales 3rd bout then it will be a huge history in boxing, if it is not in the 3rd round then it will be in the later rounds. This fight prediction could means a lot if Pacquiao does it yet it is so far to be happen because we know that Marquez's style is very suited to the aggressive style of Manny Pacquiao. It would be a close fight again for sure.

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