Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chavez Jr vs Manfredo Jr, WBC Middleweight, Weigh-in

Undefeated Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will defend his World Boxing Council Middleweight title for the first time against the former IBO/NABF Middleweight Champion Peter Manfredo Jr. tomorrow night at the big sports center in Houston, Texas, the Reliant Arena.

Peter Manfredo Jr. is currently ranked #4 middleweight contender by the World Boxing Council and he was been seen in 2005 at The Contender fighting out some big names in boxing like Gomez and Mora. Manfredo Jr. is not the best puncher in the world but he knows when and where to throw his punches. He has a huge body and more experience fighter than Chavez Jr. He's ready to get hit and fights the basic style of Chavez Jr.

Foto de Peter Manfredo Jr.Image via Wikipedia
While the Mexican champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is very determined to defend his WBC Middleweight belt as he was the first Mexican boxer who won the Middleweight world title. He has the best training camp together with Coach Freddie Roach and Conditioning Coach Alex Ariza. He is the favorite in this 12 hard round bouts. He has 2-inch advantage over Manfredo Jr. His last fight against Sebastian Zbik showed what stamina he has and it was a good test for him to received those hard punches. He likes coming forward and fight toe-to-toe, throws the body punches and uppercuts.

Main Event: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs Peter Manfredo Jr. and Undercards Weigh-in Result

  • Peter Manfredo Jr. weighed at 159.5 pounds vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. weighed at 159.75 pounds
  • Joshua Clottey weighed at 156 pounds vs Calvin Green weighed at 156.25 pounds
  • Mickey Bey weighed at 134.25 pounds vs Hector Velasquez weighed at 134.5 pounds
  • Marcus Johnson weighed at 171.75 pounds vs William Bailey weighed at 178.75 pounds
  • Luis Zarazura weighed at 125 pounds vs Ricardo Avila weighed at 126.75 pounds

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