Sunday, July 10, 2011

Urbano Antillon vs Brandon Rios Round-by-round Fight Result

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 13:  Brandon Rios (br...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Brandon Rios remained undefeated as he proved once again that he is the top fighter in the lightweight division. He successfully defended his WBA World Lightweight title belt against Urbano Antillon via a 3rd round impressive tko victory live from the Home Depot Center, Carson, California.

Round-by-round results

Round 1:

Brandon Rios started a good jab. Urbano Antillon working on the body of Rios. Hard left by Rios. Great exchange of hard punches. Handspeed of Antillon excel but Rios landed hard clean shots. Rios landed a left low blow shot. The hard punches of Brandon Rios was so accurate. At 43 seconds remaining, Rios connected a good left and right uppercut. Antillon answered back a shot to the body and right uppercut. Great exchange in the final 20 seconds of the first round. Rios landed a right hand and left hook before the bell rang. What a nice round!

Round 2:

Brandon Rios making some good jabs in start. Antillon connected a left hook and followed a left jab. Rios landed a left shot and followed a right-left uppercuts. Blood starting on the nose of Urbano Antillon. Double left hook and right uppercut by Antillon. Great exchange while the boxing crowds chanting Rios! Rios!. Urbano Antillon still working on the body and connected a good right hook, followed by a left uppercut and quick left hook and one punch to the body before the bell rang. They stared at each other. Great Round!.

Round 3:

Brandon Rios started the round aggressively. Antillon answered back with a right hand but he got caught by the right hook of Rios at 2:45 time then Antillon went down but he able to stood up immediately. Urbano Antillon badly hurt, Brandon Rios keeps on throwing hard punches as to finish the fight, he connected a two hard left hooks. Antillon answered a low blow right shot but Rios not complaining, he keeps throwing combinations. Brandon Rios connected a hard left followed by a strong right and left uppercut, Urbano Antillon went down again for the second time at 45 seconds remaining. Antillon stood up and still continue the fight but he needs to hold on. Brandon Rios still pressuring him, Antillon holds on. The referee separated them, Urbano Antillon began to wobble then the referee stopped the fight. Urbano Antillon got a chance to complained but Brandon Rios won!

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