Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saul Alvarez vs Ryan Rhodes Fight Results: Round-by-round Highlights

Saul Alvarez of Mexico successfully defended his World Boxing Council Light Middleweight Title Crown against the British challenger Ryan Rhodes on their Saturday night fight at Arena VFG in Guadalajara, Mexico. Saul Alvarez defeated Ryan Rhodes via 12th round technical knockout victory. Rhodes doing great early in the fight but he has nothing to do with Alvarez's combination and power.

Round-by-round Highlights of Saul Alvarez vs Ryan Rhodes:

Round 1:

No actions in the first minute.Alvarez landed a power right hand and shot to the body. Rhodes

answered with a left hand. Alvarez throws a combinations and Rhodes answered some heavy shot.

10-9 Alvarez

Round 2:

At 1:35 time, Alvarez started to throw a lot of combinations. Saul Alvarez connected with a good right.Rhodes looking for a counter.

10-9 Alvarez

Round 3:

Alvarez connected with a 1-2 shot to the body and uppercut. Rhodes doing his good jabs. Alvarez

connected with a good right at the end of round 3.

10-9 Alvarez

Round 4:

Alvarez throws a right hand while Rhodes doing great with his jabs. At 1:22, Alvarez landed a

combinations, Rhodes get out in the corner and answered 1-2 power shots. Alvarez landed again a

heavy combinations. Alvarez connected with a right and left jabs, Ryan Rhodes went down at 51

seconds remaining. Alvarez keeps doing a good job landing combinations again and the crowd

reacts. Great round.

10-8 Alvarez

Round 5:

Alvarez landed a lot of combinations, shots to the body and face of Rhodes plus some uppercuts.

At 1 minute, Rhodes got a warning by hitting Alvarez behind the head.Alvarez dominated this


10-9 Alvarez

Round 6:

At 2:05, Alvarez connected a right straight and followed up with a combinations but Rhodes

still was not backing off. Rhodes goes in with a left but wise Saul Alvarez countered punch him.

10-9 Alvarez

Round 7:

Alvarez doing a good 1-2 jabs. Alvarez landing a good combinations to Rhodes. Rhodes went down

at 1:49 but not came from a punch, it's a pushed from Alvarez. Rhodes connected with a single

left to the face of Alvarez. Rhodes had a cut under his both eyes.

10-9 Alvarez

Round 8:

Rhodes coming forward but Alvarez throws lot of combinations. Again, Alvarez landed a lot of

combinations to the body. Alvarez connected left uppercut. Alvarez dominated this round, strong

shots was thrown.

10-9 Alvarez

Round 9:

Rhodes was the one coming forward, Alvarez looking for a chance to counter. Rhodes hit Alvarez

with a right hook. Alvarez dancing on his feet  while Rhodes coming forward and doing a good

jabs. Crowds chanting "Mexico".. Alvarez missed the right straight.

10-9 Alvarez

Round 10:

Alvarez landing a lot of combinations. Combination of 2 left straights, 1 right and uppercut. Rhodes had no answered when Alvarez hardly hit him at the 1 minute remaining of the bout. Ryan Rhodes connected a right hand before the bell rang.

10-9 Alvarez

Round 11:

Saul Alvarez started with a 1-2 combinations to the face of Rhodes.Alvarez connected with a big right. Rhodes' hands are up, covering his face with cuts. Rhodes with a combinations and connected a big left to Alvarez in the ropes. Rhodes doing great as Alvarez making side-to-side movement.

Bloody cut for Ryan Rhodes.

10-9 Rhodes

Round 12: Final

Alvarez came out strongly, throwing a lot of punches, body shots and some uppercuts. Rhodes had no respond. Referee stop the fight. Saul Alvarez won! Rhodes can't believed it and very disappointed.

Saul Alvarez retained his title. He was so strong in the fight. I can't imagine at the age of 20, he had that great power and condition. Who's next? Pacquiao? Cotto? Mayweather? Name your favorite one. His next fight will surely hit. Great fight Alvarez vs Rhodes!

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