Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rey Bautista vs Heriberto Ruiz Round-by-round Highlights

Rey Bautista of Candijay, Bohol in Philippines defeated Heriberto Ruiz of  Los Mochis,Sinaloa in Mexico via a round 7 technical decision with the score of 69-65, 68-65 & 68-65 coming from the three judges (McTavish, Rois, Danesco).

Rey Bautista won the International Boxing Federation Featherweight Title against Heriberto Ruiz of Mexico.

Round-by-round Highlights of Rey Bautista vs Heriberto Ruiz.

Round 1:

No highlight actions in the early of the round 1 but at 15 seconds, Bautista cornered Ruiz and landed a punch combinations. Good round to Bautista.

Round 2:

Heriberto Ruiz landed a low body shot to Bautista and Ruiz connected a good left hook at 1:15. Good right by Bautista at 13 seconds remaining of the fight in round 2. Both guys exchanged hard punches before the bell rang.

Round 3:

Heriberto Ruiz connected a good left uppercut to Bautista. At 1:22, referee stop the time because Bautista has a cut on his  right eye due to head butt. At 1:05, both guys exchanged hard punches and at 11 seconds remmaining, Rey Bautista connected a combinations which Ruiz lightly staggered.

Round 4:

Started a right hook by Heriberto Ruiz. At 2:03, Ruiz complaining to the referee that he was been headbutt by Bautista. At 1:43, Rey Bautista connected 2 great shots, a right and left hook to Ruiz. Ruiz charging himself. Ruiz has got an answer to Bautista hitting a 2 great shots. Super great round.

Round 5:

Heriberto Ruiz landed a good right but Rey Bautista answered back. At 2:01, Ruiz landed a low blow shot to Bautista Rey Bautista aggressively threw a punch and a great exchanged, Ruiz saying come'on. Bautista throwing body shots and cut the distance against Heriberto Ruiz. In the final seconds of round 5, both guys complaining about the headbutt, Ruiz has a cut near on his left eye while Bautista has a cut on his scalp.

Round 6:

Rey Bautista connected a right hook but Heriberto Ruiz answered back. At 1:10, Bautista landed a combinations resulted Ruiz backing off. Bautista landed a big right hook before the bell rang.

Round 7:

Great exchanged of punches before the headbutt occurred at 2:24 Both boxer complaining about the headbutt. Rey Bautista checked by the doctor and it was officially stop the fight due to Bautista's cut on his scalp.

Rey Bautista vs Heriberto Ruiz was a rematch fight of two featherweight boxers. Rey Bautista was loss to Heriberto Ruiz back in 2008 via unanimous decision victory. Now, Rey Bautista was not satisfied to the result of their bout even he won and earned the IBF Featherweight Title. Rey Bautista was looking for another chance to fight Heriberto Ruiz one more time to prove the boxing fans that he is a true champion without having a dirty tactics.

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