Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fernando Montiel vs Nehomar Cermeño Fight Results, round-by-round

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Fernando Montiel vs  Nehomar Cermeño Round-by-round

Round 1:

Both guys measuring each other in the very first minute of the round. Good jabs for both of them. Montiel hit by the right hand of Cermeño. Cermeño connected a body shot and right. Montiel was calm and looking for opportunity to counter.

Round 2:

Cermeño started with a jab. Montiel coming forward looking for opening. Montiel connected with a right hook counter punch in the corner. Great exchange in the final seconds of round 2. But Montiel connected with a shot to the body of Cermeño and some of his punches got tied up in the ropes. Cermeño went down in the last seconds, it was the left hand shot to the body by Montiel.

Round 3:

Cermeño not able to continue the fight as the referee counted on him. The bout was stopped and Fernando Montiel won the fight after the great shot to the body of Cermeño. A TKO Victory for Montiel.

Fernando Montiel won his comeback fight against the Venezuelan fighter Nehomar Cermeño at Sinaloa, Mexico on Saturday night, after the brutal technical knock out loss at round 2 in fighting Nonito Donaire on last February, 2011. Montiel moved his weight up to 122 pounds, super bantamweight division and most of the boxing fans want to see the fight rematch of Fernando Montiel vs Nonito Donaire maybe later in this year or next year hopefully but it will all depends on the negotiations especially Donaire is now facing some problems about his boxing promoter. Good fight for Fernando Montiel against Nehomar Cermeño.

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