Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fernando Guerrero vs Grady Brewer: Guerrero was KOed in the 4th round

Boxer Fernando Guerrero                                            Image via Wikipedia
Fernando Guerrero of Dominican Republic loss to Grady Brewer via technical knockout victory in the 4th round.

Fernando Guerrero made a good job early in the fight but in the 4th round at 1:43 time, Grady Brewer landed a big right shot to the head which staggered Guerro that sent in to the ropes. Brewer keeps on landing heavy shots to the face and to the body of Guerrero.

At 1:29 of round 4, Fernando Guerrero went down, almost he's out on the ropes but he was able to continue the fight as the referee counted him. Again, Grady Brewer landed power shots and combinations, Guerrero has no responsed. At 45 seconds remaining in round 4, Guerrero went down again for he just slipped but the referee stop the fight.

Grady Brewer defeated Fernando Guerrero, earning the first loss of Guerrero in his professional boxing career. Guerrero has 21 wins - 1 loss & with 16 knockouts while Brewer has an improved record of 28 wins - 12 loss & with 16 knockouts.

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