Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Does Manny Pacquiao needs a tune up fight for Juan Manuel Marquez in Trilogy?

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 07:  (R-L) Manny Pacquiao ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Manny Pacquiao, the current pound-for-pound king and the WBO Welterweight Champion of the World will face Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12, 2011 for the third time in the history of boxing. But the question today is 'Does Manny Pacquiao needs a tune up fight?' What do you think?

Manny Pacquiao not needs a tune up fight due to a limited time, it's been a month since he fought Mosley. The point is, Pacquiao should prepare in advance, give his best as he will fight Floyd Mayweather and be 100% in the fight because JM Marquez can't wait this fight to be happen as he aims a big revenge for not winning the Unfinished Business the previous match with Pacquiao on last 2008 fight. Juan Manuel Marquez is ready for everything what Pacquiao has, the power , speed, stamina and the counter punching style. Marquez is very excited with his third fight with Manny but before he takes that shot, Marquez will face former super featherweight champion Likar Ramos on July 16 in Mexico City.

Juan Manuel Marquez found Likar Ramos as being a southpaw fighter and point difference to the height of Pacquiao. Ramos is suited what Marquez looking for in fighting Manny Pacquiao although Ramos not having an impressive opponents on his boxing career. This fight of Marquez against Ramos will be a tune up fight for he will face Manny Pacquiao on November 12, 2011 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada in the catch weight of 144 pounds for the World Boxing Organization Welterweight Title Crown which holding by Pacquiao since he won that title over Miguel Cotto on last November 2009.

Marquez's preparation is very hard to break because he will do all things to win the fight against Pacquiao, just like a real dream target on his boxing career.

Manny Pacquiao on his previous fight against Shane Mosley was not that impressive much, if you watch the fight again and study the fight, Pacquiao took some difficulties in the fight because of the style of Shane Mosley may the running foot or well studied Pacquiao's style. Pacquiao don't gave out an extra energy when he fought Mosley on last May 15, 2011 because round-by-round, Shane Mosley running away or cutting the distance  between him and Pacquiao. It was the fight of Manny Pacquiao kinda boring to me but good as much not that impressive because he won against the veteran strong fighter.

Manny Pacquiao should give his best in training, as always, in fighting Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time.   Marquez on November is well prepared, tune up fight and another hard training will bring to it. And of course, the fight of Marquez versus to Likar Ramos must win so that the fight on November will put to a final bout, the Pacquiao vs Marquez Trilogy.

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