Sunday, May 1, 2011

Freddie Roach: Pacquiao needs to loosen up a bit

     Freddie Roach is recently facing a problem with Manny Pacquiao like before but it is not all about the taping or politics. According to the four time trainer of the year, Pacquiao was too intense and active in training. "Pacquiao needs
to loosen up as the main job may slow him a bit, " Roach said from the training camp in Wild Card Gym after the training session with Manny for 12 rounds. "He need to take a longer time to rest and relax", the coach added.
     The 8th division world champion and the trainer of the year was like father and son. Both of them having a some jokes while on training session like hitting one another with a punch then runaway as they laugh out loud the one who is in target with. They do these always for to relieve some pressures and pain in having a relaxation mind and body.
     Eight days before the fight with Shane "Sugar" Mosley, Pacquiao needs to loosen up a bit even though Freedie Roach was highly impressed with Manny's performance a couple of days ago over sparring partner Shawn Porter and Ray Beltran.
     "Pacquiao is too fast and strong for Mosley when they square off on May 7 evening (May 8 in Philippines,morning) at MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas Nevada," Alex Ariza said.
     The pound-for-pound best fighter is not taking  Shane Mosley as an underdog, he has so much respect for the veteran American fighter. The reason why Manny Pacquiao is very intense in training because he knows the power and speed of the veteran warrior, he's hungry to win a title fight.
     "I want to prove people wrong and beat a true champion like Manny Pacquiao", Shane Mosley said in an interview.
     Both fighters have the speed and power, they throw and take punches round-by-round and never back it off when hitted. Billions of boxing fans believes that this will be a great fight, it will be very entertaining a lot because both two great boxing superstar is a ring warrior.


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