Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Denis Lebedev-Roy Jones Jr. Fight Highlights

Denis Lebedev-Roy Jones Jr. Fight Highlights:

Denis Lebedev beat Roy Jones Jr. via knockout victory in their non-title fight in Moscow, Russia last saturday.

Denis Lebedev seriously hitted Roy Jones Jr. in the last 20 seconds of the fight. The Russian landed hard punches that sent Jones into the ropes and followed up a strong right hook.

Roy Jones, Jr.Image via Wikipedia
Roy Jones Jr. suddenly freeze his body and unable to move after receiving Lebedev's strong combinations. A single strong right hook was thrown by the Russian that sent Jones down and unable to get it up in the final seconds of the 10th round.

Roy Jones Jr., the pound-for-pound fighter before came from defeats to Danny Green of Australia and the newly crowned WBC light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins. He earned his another loss on last saturday against the fight to Dennis Lebedev.

Denis Lebedev, a southpaw professional boxer in Russia is the 8th loss record of Roy Jones Jr. in his  boxing career.

Roy Jones Jr. admitted the shot that sent him down was strong and even it was a non-title fight it may gave Denis Lebedev a break in his boxing career.

Denis Lebedev was glad to won the fight against his quick and strong opponent.  He controlled the fight well and overcome the power and techniques of Roy Jones Jr.

We don't know what is next to Roy Jones Jr. as he earned his 8th loss to Denis Lebedev. I don't think he'll going to retire at the age of 42. Hope he can recover his loss to Lebedev and back to ring for 2 highlight fights more then he'll retire.

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